Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cute Little Critters...

I'm one of the those mean mom types...and I have kids that completely forget everything they learned during the school year...each big boy has gotten to do homework over the summer. 

They. did. not. like. it.

But it's good for them. I let off for a couple weeks and was a little shaken at how quickly they'd forgotten their beginning of the summer information. Sooooo, back to work they went. Garrett is the master of making it take forever, truly, it's an art. 

While "grading" their papers I found this little gem...
I'm beginning to understand what that cute boy is doing instead of his math. ;-)

When he has lines to follow his handwriting is so nice and neat. As he grows I think it'll become the precise, engineering type, writing that Stephen has. So appropriate since Garrett is Stephen's little mini-me. 

He's got the cutest teacher ever for next year, I'm excited to watch him grow even more with her.

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