Thursday, August 22, 2013




went to nursery??


In all the years we've been having these cute little things Stephen has had heavy duty Sunday callings...which meant I was doing heavy duty baby wrestling. It wasn't pretty on a lot of Sundays and I was defeated on numerous occasions. *But* they all made it to nursery eventually and were dang cute doin' it too. In this new ward Stephen has shall we describe it..."light" calling. As in they took the summer off kind of calling. It's gotta feel completely foreign to him; I know it's weird for me to see him on Sundays...and during the week for that matter. He was NOT the Bishop thank goodness. This sweet little girl is so content to cuddle she allowed us to attend Sunday School and R.S./Priesthood for much longer than the others. But, these last few months she tapped into the family energy and the wrestling commenced. I get to teach the Sunbeams now so was the first baby wrestling experience for Stephen. It was a mild wrestling match, but still entertaining for me.

This last Sunday she was officially over the 18 month mark! I did the whole go with the kid and stay with them for the 2 weeks before they started...ONCE. It backfired so bad when he assumed I was supposed to stay every week we declared never again. Now we wait till 18 months, drop them off, kiss their head and walk crying involved thank you very much. It works SO much better. 
I was helping out at the ASL Branch so Stephen sent me 1st day of nursery pictures of her cuteness I was missing. THAT'S how you know he loves me. Aunt Sassy was there to help him out with the other four. I guess Kenzie was a bit of a wild child during Sacrament so Stephen took her outside for her photo shoot. Those ADORABLE piggy tales are courtesy of Aunt Sassy...Stephen doesn't do hair, combs it, but doesn't do it. ;-) He does make some super cute kids though.
Over the last several crappy financial years as I've worked LOTS more than what our master plan had on it, I've loved that we have picture phones and that Stephen would take cute ones and send them to me. I've missed a substantial portion of Lincoln and Lynneah's baby/little hood, but we managed to beat the stupid bank trying to take our house. I always loved getting a cute picture on break at work...or across town at a different Stake. 


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Yea for going to Nursery.

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