Monday, March 10, 2014

The Grand Finale

While debating if there really was just one more came. This is it; so I wanted to do something fun to tell the kids what the finale would be. Stephen came up with the great idea to take them out to dessert and work with the restaurant to color it. Chili's was great and completely willing to help us surprise them.

Most of the them thought it was a girl, but WANTED a boy. It would be so much fun to end with using all those cute girly things we waited so many years to get, but I had a very clear impression there was one more boy right after Lincoln was born (it's nagged at me over all the years)...then those cute girls came and threw us for a loop...this is him.

We told them to watch for the dessert...
Blue was a boy...Pink was a girl.

It arrived!!
Garrett was SUPER excited! 

! B L U E !
! Y A H O O ! 

 They're all excited (well, the ones old enough to know what's going on) which is so heart warming. We asked what they thought about it and Gabriel said, "I just wanted another kid." Lincoln said, "Stinky! Because he's going to have to share my room and he'll drool and put all my stuff in his mouth." He will share his room...and probably right on the drooling part too. ;-D Garrett just really wanted another boy. Lynneah is just confused, she's asked if he'll get cut out, and can't figure out where his is. Just this week the lump (bumps are only on number 1 or 2...3 if you're lucky, beyond that it's full on lump)  has definitely become obvious so she'll figure it out soon...maybe. Kenzie's such a little Mama, but also the baby of the family *BIG TIME* and used to exclusive rights to Mommy for a couple hours a day. Poor girl's in for a really rude awakening.

So far everything looks good, and has come back ok, despite my official "advanced maternal age". However, Lynneah and a couple of her brothers did a pretty good job of teaching us that those pre-birth screenings are a nice thought, but don't mean much after they arrive.
Due on Gabriel's birthday.
Had lots of cute girl names...nothin' in the boy realm.


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So excited for you guys! Do you need anything? Lets plan a day I can come visit you in Tucson!