Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sweet Little Monster

That Lincoln of ours is trouble...lots of funny, naughty, sneaky, scary trouble. I'll have to go work in a high school someday so I can know what the kids that age are up to and try to keep that Lincoln out of it. He's a little sponge and just picks things up that we've never directly taught...very new experience for us. His earned term of endearment is "Devil Child". He's always thinking and planning...

We've got several dear friends having such heartbreaking times right now and have added them in our prayers. We gave a short little explaination to the kids about what they were struggling with then suggested a few ideas that they might want to bless them with. From there it's up to the kids. These kids have been very faithful in remembering all of our friends and their families and their doctors in each prayer offered. It does my heart good to hear them care so much for the people in our lives.

Tonight Lincoln offered the prayer. He remembered everyone we've been praying for and specifically requested strength, comfort, guidance, etc depending of who he was talking about. 
Then he said,"Please bless our baby to be born ok, and not get any infections, and not die." :'{
Obviously some very very sad things have/continue to happen with several of our dear friends.
I always wonder if I should keep it quiet and protect them or allow them the opportunity to learn to pray for others. After tonight I still wonder, but was deeply touched that he cares so much about all the people that have touched our lives over the years, and able to then turn concern to his own immediate family.
When he's not getting into trouble he's such a deep thinking, concerned, caring little boy.

Semi-related, Gabriel has also been so faithful in remembering those we love in his prayers. He asks for updates before praying so he can make sure to "ask for the right kind of blessings for them".
He also always expresses gratitude that a new baby is coming to our family. I'm so happy to hear that from him, not every 9 year old boy would feel that way. He has such a good heart.

Little Garrett who spends most of his time in his own little world has even been consistently faithful in remembering those that need help. Thinking beyond is own immediate needs is huge and makes me so happy to see.

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